February 13, 2009

Tips for faster hair growth

Faster Hair Growth

So you’re eating a good diet and exercising regularly but your hair is still only growing 1cm a month? Try incorporating the following methods into your routine, and you may experience an increase in your hair’s natural growth rate.

1) Rosemary scalp massage: You should massage your scalp at least once weekly, it’s relaxing and eases tension as well as increasing the blood flow to your hair’s follicles. I usually include the essential oil of Rosemary in my scalp massages – it has a strong scent similar to that of eucalyptus oil – as it really makes my scalp feel alive, as though I can actually feel the hair growing. You can leave it in overnight if you want, or shampoo it out, it’ll leave your hair scented and shiny.

celebrity Hair style

2) Biotin supplements: These can be bought online, or in large pharmacies. Also known as Vitamin H, Biotin is a favourite among women wanting to grow their hair long as fast as possible, as many have seen results within a month of taking it. Personally I take Hair Formula 37, which has a Biotin component, and I’ve seen excellent results from that too.

3) Antioxidants: Drinking cranberry juice and green tea will boost your body’s immune system, keep your eyes and hair shiny, and it keeps your skin clear as well. Detoxifying your body is important for overall health, but in my experience it has also boosted my hair’s growth rate. Since I began having green tea after every meal and drinking cranberry juice every day, both my hair and nails began growing faster, probably from the detox I was giving my body.

The main objective in increasing your hair’s natural growth rate is staying as healthy as possible. If you can do that, whilst including a weekly scalp massage, daily Biotin supplements, and antioxidants in your diet, you should see an increase in your hair’s growth rate within a month of beginning your new routine.


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